On #WWENetwork RIGHT NOW: The Journey to #SummerSlam: The Shield! #WWE

On #WWENetwork RIGHT NOW: The Journey to #SummerSlam: The Shield! #WWE

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“I think she got caught the other night on Netflix watching a wrestling DVD thinking I would be on there just because it’s wrestling, I thought that was kinda cute.”
—Roman Reigns on Joelle becoming a wrestling fan (via roxymaniaaa)

The former members of The Shield + Logos 

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But nah, on a serious note I honestly can’t wait for the special. Because it’s gonna show three of my current favorite superstars on their way to a PPV as individuals and not a team for the first time. Where I personally think  they all did great on! I’m proud of these guys and the greatness that’s only beginning for them.


Yes I’m excited to see the special tonight and hear the stories and be super fucking proud of my boys for getting to the top, them working out is just an added bonus


I remember the time where Roman Reigns was the only one out of The Shield I had lust for. Then, BAM! Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were like “NOPE! we’re going to show you what you’re missing out on” and now…all three of those scumbags makes my ovaries go KABOOM!


I know I’m going to cry tonight. Most of you know that I’m already a cry baby when it comes to The Shield. But to hear them talk about how they’re the top dogs in WWE, their brotherhood, and their solo careers will make my heart smile. I’ve watched them grow from rookies to future hall of famers in such a short period of time. Plus, I get to see them outside the squared circle and be sexier than usual. I am so proud of my babies!


Journey to SummerSlam: The Shield sneak peek

Follow Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as they prepare for The Biggest Event of the Summer. Don’t miss Journey to SummerSlam, exclusively on WWE Network!

A rude ass spider bit Rico and made him swell all up everywhere. He had at least 6 or 7 welts on his back the size of golf balls.

Poor baby got a shot and looks as happy as ever, like nothing happened lol.


( Dark match shenanigans ! ) WWE Believe in Reigns and the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose Fella !

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